In a matter of seconds, her phone was flooded with dating apps and her friends were already giving her a billion pieces of advice on how to create a profile that showed a little bit of everything.

-They have to see that you are funny.

– But not a clown.

– That you can be sexy.

-But not easy.

– That you are smart.

– But not a nerd.

– That you are.

– OMG stop. What if I just put some random pics and just icons of what I like.

The girls looked at each other, shared a laugh (way too loud I might add) and wished her good luck.

Hours later, alone and resting in that old couch, the picture of a stranger was smiling at her waiting for that positive swipe to potentially match. She stared at that image for a moment… How was she supposed to gather enough courage to put herself out there again after all the mess she experienced? She knew how to handle a regular heartbreak but, an international heartbreak was an entirely different matter.

She sight with a “you can do it” echoing her head and started that swiping that has become some kind of a ritual for our generation.


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