She was panicking big time that day and despite she had been in several interviews in the past weeks, this one was particularly stressful. She really wanted that job and honestly, despite the Job Center was acting like a total sweetheart, she needed the office hours and the responsibility only a job can give you. Being indoors sending resumes all day was way too time-consuming and even more stressful than actually working.

Despite what a lot of people say about job interviews, she chose an outfit casual and transparent with her personality. Put some makeup on, fixed her nails, tied her snickers and after a few words of encouragement in front of the mirror, she was ready.

The Ubahn was completely full with the amazing variety of people Berlin has to offer, but that day she couldn’t admire outfits or hairs styles or hot boys, nothing was able to take her mind away from her constant thought “I’ve got this” Finally, Moritzplatz arrived and therefore, her possible future.

Six floors up the stairs (God she needed to start exercising!) and there it was, the office she wanted to keep seeing for a long while. Huge decorated desks organized six by six, cute little robots all around, colorful plants everywhere, chatty and happy people… It was so pretty and full of good energy, the perfect working environment, and they even had a beautiful dog!

After greeting her interviewer and hopefully future boss, they sat down in a small conference room and before she knew it, the questions started. Her strategy was simply being herself, even if that meant some weird jokes and loud laughter in the middle of the interview. This time she was going to try an angle she never tried before, and not only in this particular moment, but in every aspect of her life… not to care about what people say or think and if she was going to be wanted, loved and appreciated, it was going to be because of her. With her good, crazy and bad “features”.



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