A few posts ago I started sharing the story of a girl I know and deeply care about. A girl that was broken to the point where she thought nothing could make her smile anymore or couldn’t find many reasons to move on, but despite all those negative feelings and that desire of just giving up on happiness, she fought through and stood up regardless of the deep, deep wounds. Today, when I see her, I see a fighter ready to strike, a dreamer prepared to conquer, a happy young woman sharing her light. This might have started as a sad story… but knowing her, it will not end that way.

She opened her eyes really early that day. Her ex-boyfriend was going to come over and take with him all the things he owned… and that was basically everything in that flat. She was nervous, a bit sad and quite upset. She didn’t want to see him, didn’t want to know he was okay being someone else, didn’t want to realize she didn’t even know that person, didn’t want her lack of judgment walking right in front of her face. But she had to, she needed that moment to pass and therefore, finally start from scratch.

Untypically, he arrived earlier than expected and literally showed himself in. No knocking, no calling, no ringing the bell, no nothing. He just opened the door like he was still living there and she was still a part of his life. He was carrying a big smile and an even bigger “I do not care” look.

-Hi -he said as he walked directly to the room.

-Hello. You’ll see that I already packed some of your things and put them in boxes.

-Great, thanks.

No more words came out and complete silence ruled the room for the rest of the time. Every once in a few minutes she would go and check if he needed anything like she always did before and just like it used to be, he would smile and say no. To be completely honest, she missed having him around. Or at least, she missed the person she fell for. Looking at him now was both torturing and liberating. On one hand, she was a bit ashamed of not seeing the true person behind those eyes, but on the other, it was a lot easier to get over someone she didn’t know.

A few hours later the flat was empty. Not only from stuff, but also from the fragments of memories buried on the furniture and decorations. It was done. He was one step away from being forever gone.

-This feels wrong -he said nervously.

-All of this is wrong. I’ll be fine.

-I’ll leave you the couch so you can have a place to sleep.

And after an awkward hug, he shut the door behind him. She stayed there for a moment, looking at that piece of white wood that was never going to be open by him again. All the pain came back for a while and took her hostage. She looked at that sofa with tears in her eyes and sat there, staring at nothing, going through imaginary pictures of the life she had before. And so she shook her head, dried her face, put some blankets over that old green cover and layed there for a recovering nap.


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