Finally, that feared letter arrived and her emotions were all over the place. She really needed that to be positive news. To start the week happy and hopeful. Like I said before, things were getting better step by step, but that didn’t mean she was close to ready to be truly okay. One little thing could send her back to the very start.

With shaking fingers she opened the envelope to reveal the content of that letter. And while she was reading her eyes lighted up. SHE COULD KEEP THE FLAT FOR HERSELF! Now, he had to pick up the furniture and she would be completely free from seeing him ever again. Free from all that drama and ready to start a new chapter in her new life. Free… from the person she thought was going to be forever by her side.

The week started as she wanted, happy and hopeful. But as long as the days went by those feelings left as well. Memories stored in every corner of that flat, in every piece of furniture and even in her daily routines started to hunt her until her mood became as blue as possible. So many questions unanswered, bad results from the interviews, important dates for her were right around the corner and she was afraid she was going to be completely alone, her love ones on the other side of the world, and her new friends too busy with their own lives. She was managing to not cry every day or to stay at home feeling sorry for herself, but how to keep that up when so many things were there to bring her down.

Her strength was failing and she could feel the tears drowning her eyes. The blueberry mode was on and so she let herself let go. It’s okay to take it all out, she thought, I’ll be strong again tomorrow.


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