The answers took forever and she was already a mess by the time they told her she didn’t have to take care of some of that money. Even if she had to pay something she didn’t even know existed, it was less and with the help she was going to get from the job center, she could afford it. So now the only thing left was the last appointment and to figure out what was the meaning of that letter that seemed to be taking back all said before.

That Friday morning she took the bus that headed to the office again. Nervous, a bit sick and still shaking she waited for her stop to arrive. S+U Wittenau, U Rathaus Reinickendorf and finally, Miraustraße. She got off the bus, walked half the block and stood in front of the building. Taking a deep breath and letting it go she walked in and looked for the one girl that speaks English over there (or at least she tries to).

-This letter always confuses everyone. Don’t worry, you will get the help we said last week. Now, about the flat… are you going to keep living with your ex as your new roommate?

She swallowed her immediate tears and explained she would love to keep the flat and find a new roommate. Even if that meant having to see him again (this time taking the furniture) and living on the floor until she got her own things. To be honest, she was excited and lighted up with this tiny new hope of really moving on. The only thing she needed was the job center’s approval and after that… free.

-We will review it and let you know during the week. But at least for now you have half of the rent provided. Remember, only for a few months so you need to get a job as soon as possible.

The last appointment was done and in a few days, she was going to be sure how to keep going. But for now, the sunshine, picnic and some girls love were waiting for her at Mauerpark.

So that’s my queue. A long, warm and beautiful day was ahead of us and there’s no better cure for a heartbroken and the craziness that life can give us than friends, nature, and long, long talks… even if it means you’ll end up not tan, but roasted.


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