Day after day, the sad songs started to become just songs and not a living memory of everything she had lost. She was healing very, very slowly… but she was. Nights weren’t nightmares anymore and now she was able to actually rest. To turn off the lights and not cry of loneliness. To go to bed and not try to find him there.

Either way, she knew nothing was truly done yet. All the furniture in the flat wasn’t hers, she had no clue when, or if he was going to come back and he even had a pair of keys to get inside that apartment anytime. For now, she was just waiting for the final appointment with the job center. There was some kind of contract to sign for her to receive the money and also, she was going to ask if she could move out or keep the flat for herself. Knowing she was still roommates with the guy that broke her wasn’t exactly a good thing for her well-being right now.

She woke up minutes after the came out like every morning, showered, then prepared her mint tea, grab some cookies and sat in front of the notebook to continue her routine of trying to find a job. Indeed, Zalando, Berlin Startup Jobs, The Local, Craigslist (you will definitely find some weird proposals there too) and even Betreut were the regular tools. And so far things were looking fine, already six interviews lined up and every candle she could light for luck.

Her new friends were taking her out every time they could and that was keeping her mind away from all the sadness she couldn’t completely shake off. She had already two big groups of relatively close friends and some girls climbing up to the actual title. Things were fine… or so she thought.

Waiting for her at the mailbox were three letters, one from the job center and the other two referring the flat. The first one was a really complicated to understand explanation about how the flat was too expensive for the job center to pay, and the other two combined were a 600 EURO debt. She felt how the pieces she had put back together in her heart fell apart all over again and in seconds strong palpitations took over her. How on earth was she going to pay that? And most important, how did THAT happen?

The following hours were stressful to the point of tears. Her mind had completely betrayed her and put her in places she didn’t even want to be. More lies? Could it be? She had learned he wasn’t who he said he was, but to leave her, kind of move out and then not reply any of her “what the heck is this?” texts? No way… he just, couldn’t be that bad. But her experience coming from a country of thieves and liars kept generating all kind of thoughts and adding more and more anxiety to her body.


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