She knew she was getting better. Her family and all her new and old friends were helping her step by step. Talking for hours with Skype or WhatsApp. Making her meet new people. Taking her to picnics. Keeping her mind out of everything. And with a lot of strength, it was working. She had been smiling for days now. Doing her best at looking for a job and even getting some interviews for possible positions. But, to be able to heal, she used the situation of having to see her ex every day as a motor to move forward. She started opening her eyes and seeing that perhaps they truly weren’t meant to be and that all the tiny little fights may have had a bigger background. So now that she knew he was leaving… the fear of walking back those positive steps was worrying her a lot.

And so there she was… looking at him while he packed his bags to leave, possibly, forever. The feeling that swam in her bloodstream was weird. A mix of happiness, pain, fear, melancholy. Not knowing what to do or how to react seemed to be something normal those days. But what could she say?

He looked happy and ready to be gone for good. Ready to give up on that life he once said was all he wanted. So sure about everything. So… not broken. On one hand she was happy he finally showed a genuine smile on his face, after all, that time with depressive behaviors, but on the other hand… that smile was thanks to not having her anymore.

What did she do so wrong? He even told her she’s perfect and she’ll always be, but then why was he giving up on her.

-Don’t worry about the flat and all my furniture. You can have it for a time. I’ll let you know if something changes.

And the door closed behind him. He was gone. On his way to his parents and to try to keep that smile he now had.

She exploded in tears and memories of everything they shared. Every piece of that flat was full with memories and treasurable moments. She started feeling weak and fragile, all that pain she had been working so had to heal… it was all coming back.


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