The day had come and she needed to head back to the job center to present all the papers she had been told. This time her companion was going to be her ex-boyfriend and she couldn’t be more uncomfortable about it.

You know, apparently is convenient to loose your job and the love of your life the same day and so you need a proof that those things actually happened. A proof of how broken and trying to put yourself back up you are… and what better proof than the one person who caused the heartbreak.

The situation was, for sure, more awkward than she could imagine. Last time they were together on a bus (and this was a little more than a week ago) they were smiling at each other and holding hands. Now, she had to pretend to be okay and hold on. Hold on to the promise of getting over him. To the hope of moving on.

She tried not to look at him. Not to see how the sun made his blonde hair brighter or how his eyes were greener than ever. Evidently, she wasn’t doing a good job. He was so beautiful to her eyes she just couldn’t help it.

But how disappointing it was to see someone you thought was perfect in many ways… be so different. So… not who she fell in love with.

They arrived at the appointment a few minutes early and like on the bus, they tried not to talk to each other. Easy job for him I have to admit.

Finally, her name echoed in the room and her heart started to jump with hope and fear and excitement and anxiety. This ‘about to happen’ conversation was going to define her next moves.

-…this means we will help you financially and also to get a job until October -said the lady behind the desk with a wide smile.

She couldn’t believe it. That meant she wasn’t trapped at the mercy of that guy she was trying to forget. She felt free, calmer… even, even happy!

Now she only needed to put some boundaries between her ‘flatmate’ and her. After that, she could start over. Let go of all the pain and move on. Focus on her and her goals. On her heart and health.

-I’m leaving for a while -he interrupted.


-You’ll have the flat for yourself. I don’t know when I’m coming back.

More good news in one day? She felt she was going to explode with excitement. Finally, after a bit more than a week of tears and picking up pieces of her broken heart, things were getting better.


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