Finally some food she could keep in her sistem, a mint tea to ease her soul, a long talk with her beloved family and everything seemed fine. 

She scaped from the pain for a while and went back to those memories that made her happy. Those summer mornings she and her sister would get up as early as possible to get inside the tiny little pool they had. The Saturday visits from their grandparents she missed so much. The Sunday meals with the family. The afternoon beers in the garden. Her sister laughter, her mother’s hugs, her dad’s jokes… she needed them so badly. And she couldn’t go back. Life was even harder back there.

Reality stroke back with the sound of the bedroom door opening. He was awake, smiling at her like nothing had happened, acting like they were always friends and no kiss got in the middle. Like he never said “I love you” or cuddle her to sleep. 

-Morning -he said as he walked to the kitchen.

-Morning -she replied faking enthusiasm.

She needed to go. Right there, right that second. Looking at him so happy without her was torturing. Knowing she ment nothing to those bright eyes once looked at her and marveled. How could he? How could he stop loving her in such short time?

And so she left again. To spend a beautiful day away from all that. To enjoy nature and the company of some “GGI” girls. Peace, for at least a few hours.


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