Fewer tears and more thinking. Hours of talking with the two most amazing parents had calm her a little, but not enough. Her life was still a mess and she needed a clear head. But how, how to stay calm with all the strong emotions she had the night before. If only her best friend (and only sister) was there with her. She would’ve known what to do.

And so she realized, her sister would’ve found shelter in her friends and family. She would’ve used that love to remain strong and to stand up once again.

But she was miles away from all that. An ocean apart and virtual communications weren’t enough this time. She needed that physical support and comfort only a hug can give you. That encouragement a friendly shake can provide.

Without thinking it twice, she asked for help in the girl’s group she had to join on Facebook. A community of girls that also left home and took a leap of faith. Girls that jump to the opportunity of helping a sister. Girls that love and support unconditionally even if they don’t know each other. Girls that, like her, were living in Berlin.

And she went from sitting on the couch crying like a baby, to laughing at the cinema. From feeling sorry for herself in a room that once held two lovers and now felt like a nightmare, to an inspiring tea time in Westberlin bar&shop that landed in a nice dinner. From being lost and unemployed to having an amazing girl backing her at the Job Center.

Soon she was less alone, less incomplete, less broken. Girl Gone International had saved her from herself and now she was ready to take the many, many steps of moving on.


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