You are probably wondering why my first post has such a positive, lucky charm name. Perhaps Lemony Snicket comes to mind. Or maybe you just don’t care. But either way, I will go on with the first chapter of this story and I am quite sure you will understand at the end.

Once upon a time, there was a dreamy little girl, (with a few extra years in her ID) who thought her life was going to be no more than that, dreams. She was positive she was being mocked by that funny thing known as “good luck”.

Year after year her big, huge, enormous efforts were crashed or rewarded with small accomplishments that didn’t cease the hunger for more. This girl wanted success, a career, to know places, to be loved, to have tons of friends, she wanted all (stingy much?).

But one day, out of the blue, she met a guy from across the ocean… and let’s cut to the chase, they fell in love (woohoo). A happy relationship started right there on the spot. So, after a few months of texting and calling (and let’s be honest, a few weird pics in the middle too) they decided their love was too unique, too strong, too beautiful to let the sea be in the middle, and against all odds she left everything behind and run to his arms.

What a romantic story right? Here’s where the movie ends with the “and they lived happily ever after”, but let’s come down from our cloud and be real for a moment because that’s not the kind of story I want to tell you. Life isn’t as easy as we want it to be, everyone knows that. It has changes, challenges, obstacles, and so many, many things that can make you angry or sad, desperate or devastated. But life is also about those little things that make us happy, is about taking chances and risks, getting somewhere, fighting for what you want… and this two, this two did just that.

Blindly, she followed her heart and started living on the other side of the world with this specimen of human being she was so madly in love with. And she was happy… for a while.

Living with someone is a really complex thing. Everything about the other person can click with you or drop water to your already fried wires. Just think about it, the noises, the way each person decorates, the music, the different work hours, the snoring. So many things to understand (more like, tolerate) about each other, so many things that can generate discussions or resentment. Basically, so many reasons for a young relationship moving too fast to be destroyed.

If I said that the first weeks of living together were nice ones for this lovebirds, I would be lying. Perhaps it was the distance or the fact that they didn’t know each other that well, but as soon as they started sharing a roof, things started to go down like a meteorite. She realized he was an excellent liar and him, that she was an insecure scary cat. She showed to be hard on her grown-up opinions and him, too young to even consider them. She started trying way too hard to be loved and him, well… he couldn’t.

Loosing him was a nuclear bomb to her heart. She felt like she was loosing half of her soul, her strength, her will, her “everything”. A thousand questions like why, or how started dancing in her mind making the incredible amount of tears come out and out. She loved him, she loved him so much it hurt, and now he was gone, stained with the words that opened the wound on her heart. Words that, when you love, you hope you will never, ever hear. Words that can cause an unaccountable pain and tear you apart. “I don’t love you” after so many moments shared, so many promises made, so many kisses and cuddles. He had broken the bubble, the shell that covers two people that love each other. That fragile but beautiful layer of happiness that surrounds them and makes everything so perfect.

And then, exactly when she thought it couldn’t get worse she got the call of “we are cutting down personal and sadly we have to let you go”.

Broken, scared and lonely she had to figure out what to do. She had nothing back home but the unconditional love of her family that yes, is wonderful, but you can’t eat love. No job, no house, no money. Living in a strange country, with a language she did not speak and a culture she did not understand.

I’m sure you now understand the title of the post.


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